@hollyhoneychurch his voice is just so beautiful

@jasraj they were so much better than in the group plays, especially against Equador. Proud of the team!

@crossingthethreshold they are so awesome! I’ve only had fieldnotes once, they aren’t commonly available here in my country, but I love the colours!

@aclaman It is, hours later and I can't even think of more words to describe it.

@mellowdave What a coincidence, I've just watched a youtube video by Daniel Greene on this subject. Very interesting, and yeah, the claim seems far fetched.

@mellowdave I completely forgot to add Klaus to my list for this year. I so loved it when we first watched it when it came out. It's on our list now :)

@jean I’ve read through most of the threads and miss my favourite app: Joplin. I use that exclusively for my writing. For notes/lists I share with my husband, I use Google keep