my little music marvel

One of the best things I’ve bought for myself is the SanDisk Clip. It’s a teeny tiny MP3 player with amazing sound.

I broke my first one (after using it for many years) and gave myself this pretty pink one for 35 euros.

It’s such a lovely way to use my curated mp3 collection, and also a really great way to stay away from my phone a bit more.

I mostly use it when working around the house or sitting in the garden or when working out.

And yes, I still buy mp3s, from bandcamp mostly, and the rest of the collection is cds I’ve ripped.

The best thing is that I have something that I can use when anxiety rises. The clip only contains favourite music, so it feels like a comfort blanket when I hit play.


A shelf full of finished art journals 🎨

My cat watching Dream of a Thousand Cats with a little too much interest.

Yesterday, in the garden.

With tea.

Not shown: a Sylvia melted into the couch.

This is my love of trees art/poetry journal.

I thought I’d share something that made me smile and teary eyed just now. It just goes to show that blanket statements like “that country is the worst” are always proven wrong by the people.

This picture is one I so love. Taken in Paris in 2014. Zoom in above the flowers to see a surprising little friend 🐝

Hank Green explains climate change in four minutes and he uses a metaphor that made it so clear to me now.

So I thought I’d share his video :)

Me and my cube

One of my favourite things I do to calm my anxiety is solving a Rubik’s cube. I learned the beginner method earlier this year and still use it.

I have tried the method speedcubers use but that made me more anxious.

I do however time myself sometimes for fun, and today I solved the cube in under 2,5 minutes!

Makes me so happy!

My planning system is so simple, just a small spiral notebook and my favourite clutch pencil. I often try to make it more complicated, but I always return to this.

And I always have a post it on the front for quick notes or ideas.

The hibiscus in front of the house is so abundantly in bloom this summer. Such a beauty. 🌱

Bought a really cheap aircooler because heatwave and it’s just amazing!

It’s going to go near 40 degrees tomorrow and I’ll be sitting on the bed in front of this thing!

I’ve found the perfect music for a heatwave. It’s so joyful and I can highly recommend!…

PS I’ve been on a modest buying spree on bandcamp, found some fantastic music, and can’t wait to transport the full albums to my ears.


Wordle 390 2/6


My goodness, that first JWST image is just incredible. I tried to stay up to watch the presentation, but it was after 12 and I just fell asleep.

Checked it the moment I woke up (at 5-ish) and have zoomed in on the image about a thousand times.

Science can be so beautiful.

Bought some dirt cheap graphite watercolour pencils to experiment with aand I’ve had a lot of fun playing with them in my art journal!


Stop making life so hard for yourself.

I have had shoulder issues for many years. many many many years. One of the things this complicated was putting on bras.

But did I get bras with front closures?

Of course not! Why would you make life easier when you can make it hard?

This year I finally bought them, and now I can get dressed without pain flares. Figure that!

I’m a big fan of Wordle, but lately I’ve really enjoyed Heardle too. Todays one was really tough!

#Heardle #134

🔈🟥🟥⬛️🟥🟩⬜️ 🎵

early morning, awakened by banshee/cat

My cat is a diva.

No food in her dish means she shrieks like a banshee until she gets my attention. No matter what time it is.

She woke me up at 3:45.

Haven’t been able to fall asleep since.

My cat sleeps though. In the windowsill. She snores and is curled up all cute.

I’m not fooled though.

Maybe I should meow her awake?


Tree in full bloom (think it’s a chestnut tree?)

Wild sky last night 📷☁️

Just found a habit tracking site linked in my

Have no idea where I found it (probably Reddit) but it looks pretty so I signed up. I really like that you can write daily logs while tracking your habit, in my case, creativity!

I’m so happy the spider is back at Glasto. It’s such an awesome sight.

First sunset over Glastonbury festival 🏕🌅

Driving into the car train through the channel tunnel. Tomorrow: Glastonbury festival!