early morning, awakened by banshee/cat

My cat is a diva.

No food in her dish means she shrieks like a banshee until she gets my attention. No matter what time it is.

She woke me up at 3:45.

Haven’t been able to fall asleep since.

My cat sleeps though. In the windowsill. She snores and is curled up all cute.

I’m not fooled though.

Maybe I should meow her awake?


Tree in full bloom (think it’s a chestnut tree?)

Wild sky last night 📷☁️

Just found a habit tracking site linked in my Raindrop.io

Have no idea where I found it (probably Reddit) but it looks pretty so I signed up. I really like that you can write daily logs while tracking your habit, in my case, creativity!


I’m so happy the spider is back at Glasto. It’s such an awesome sight.

First sunset over Glastonbury festival 🏕🌅

Driving into the car train through the channel tunnel. Tomorrow: Glastonbury festival!

My two weekend crochet projects: sleeves for my glasses (fit perfectly for each pair) 🧶 (dramatic photography courtesy of Hipstamatic. And yes, still have to weave in the ends of one of ‘em)

This video made me really happy, and I thought I’d share :) www.youtube.com/watch

My body during heatwaves

Knit up a little bag for my mini tarot deck. Just love these easy and quick crafts 🧶

This hat is made for adventures! 📷

A couple of days after watching it, and I still think about Everything everywhere all at once.

It was just so good. 🎬

Knit some fingerless gloves. Makes total sense to do that in summer, no? 🧶

Finished reading: Several Short Sentences About Writing by Verlyn Klinkenborg 📚 I really wanted to love this book. I wanted to learn from this like so many have learned from this. But, I found the writing style so tiresome to read. I usually finished reading after a couple of pages and then put it away, sighing.

This is why reading this took months, and I can’t even summarise what I’ve learned.

I’ve been off blogging/social media since September last year. This is my quiet crawl back into it, and I have to say, I have no idea what to say :)

So I guess I will just say, happy weekend and maybe next week I will share some of my creative stuff!

Currently reading: Upstream: Selected Essays by Mary Oliver 📚

This is such a joyful book.

It’s not poetry, but essays and the writing is exquisite and I learn so much about writing from it.

May take me months to finish because it requires contemplation between pages.

the best meditation
is sitting on the earth
and looking up into
her wild, green trees
and listen to the wind
rustling through leaves


📷 a yellow rose