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Started to edit a fantasy project I started on ten years or so ago. I was completely intimidated by the daunting task of editing 80K of randomness (that’s what I get for being a discovery writer) but I’m ready for it!

I write every day. It may be either new words for the novel I’m editing, a poem, or an idea for a journal, but I’m writing and that makes me very happy!

I’ve almost finished my art journal, and I will share a flip through when it’s done. It’s such a joy to just sit with favourite media, and just make something for fun.
Am also knitting a jumper and fingerless gloves for winter and am crochetting the most confusing pattern, so that means I either end up with a sleeveless cardigan or a piece of junk that I can frog so I can start over with something else.

Office and Home reorganisation
It took me a long time to see that I can create best when I simplify my life. So I’ve started to cull my creative tools, only keeping what works for me, and I’ve organised the things I keep in such a way that I can just reach out and grab what I need. It’s a long process, but I’m enjoying the process of selecting what I really love and ditching the rest.

I have to admit, that the pandemic broke my reading habits, I started to read for comfort, and not for learning. I’ve slowly picked up on my usual reading habits again, and now read a mix of non-fiction and fiction again.

This is a now page, a concept I’ve only just learned about, and I loved it so I had to make mine.