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Am editing a fantasy novel that becomes even more massive in scale the more I work on it. It’s good though, because it teaches me a lot of new things for my 2022 nanowrimo project.

Currently pondering my nano 2022 project. No idea what it will be but it’s exciting. Also: journaling, writing daily poetry, also obsessively taking notes on things I notice that may be fun to use in my writing one day.

I’m becoming an obsessive listmaker. It started with doing braindumps for my mental health (it’s like a squirrel list so that my brain makes way for my creativity) and now I’m just making lists for everything in my filofax pocket.

I’m knitting fingerless gloves for writing on cold, cold days. Also still working on art journals, am close to finishing two! I really want to pick up my daily sketch practice again, no time like the present, I guess!

A while ago, I bought a bunch of writing books through humble bundle. I’ve just added a load of them to my kindle, and am going to read one of them a week from now on. Am not sure what else to read. I have a strict rule to not read anything in the genre I’m writing, which is my favourite: Fantasy. So during nanowrimo I shall have to venture out into other genres to read. Any good mystery novels to recommend?

I love to browse Bandcamp and have found a lot of favourites through it. Also on Bandcamp? Here’s my profile.

This is a now page, a concept I’ve only just learned about, and I loved it so I had to make mine.