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I’m Sylvia and I’m a creative.

My favourite forms of creativity are writing poetry and fantasy, making abstract art (mostly in my artjournals) and knitting/crochet.

I’m Dutch but prefer to write in English.

I’d love to get in touch, here’s how:

  • My preferred mode of conversation is via email
  • I use this micro blog for pictures and occasional musings on life and a have a mastodon account for my writing log. I update both regularly, unless my health keeps me from it.
  • I used to post a lot on twitter and instagram as well, but I’ve drifted away from both in the past year, and still don’t feel moved to do so again. Too much hate on Twitter and too much noise on Instagram now it has become a TikTok clone.
  • I am addicted to Pinterest, especially when I’m feeling low. It really makes me happy to scroll the home feed for pretty pictures to add to my boards.
  • I started to blog when I first learned about it in the early days (even have a Blogger Pro hoodie from before the Google days).
  • I’m getting ready to launch a blog again using Substack, in a weekly or so letter or poem. Am aiming to start this in November 2022.

Thanks for the inspiration to create this hello page, Alastair Johnson.