I think this autumnal weather creates the perfect moment to listen to my melancholy playlist. open.spotify.com/playlist/… 🎵

Writing a novel is a serious commitment. I always thought it took motivation to write, but I was wrong. It’s the love for storytelling, for letting characters find their way on paper and the desire to see their story complete.

It’s the best thing in the world.

Sometimes wordle is just too funny!

Wordle 524 4/6


I love to make a ritual out of writing. I set out my planner for notes, open my pomodoro timer, close every other app, and then close my eyes for some deep breaths and then I write.

I would like a candle too, but cats and candles don’t mix. Maybe I should get a lantern 😃

For some songs, I retain the lyrics all wrong.

It’s not my fault though, sometimes singers just mumble their lines and my mind gets creative filling in the blanks.

I don’t mind though. I can still make my husband laugh when I sing my interpretations 😃

The Andor finale was so good! Easily my favourite show of the year.

An update on my NaNoWriMo writing, I’m at 27K and given that I was sick for most of the month, I am so proud, also because I wrote for most days dit microblogvember 😃

The word for microblogvember is graze and I could write something poetic about cows not grazing the fields here in winter, but it’s morning, I am hungry and I keep thinking I would love some Graze sweet chili crunch.

Reading challenge for December

I have something fun to share.

In December I’m going to ditch my kindle and am only going to read books on my physical TBR. 
Made this fun graphic for it to print for my planner.

Any other readers want to join in? 📚

The graphic for read your stack, a physical book reading challenge for December with the tagline: shelve your e-reader in December

About ice, and the most epic skating tour

When I saw the prompt for microblogvember was ice, i thought of two things:

  1. Ice, ice baby.
  2. I live in a country obsessed with ice in winter.

Puddle freezes over? People put on skates. Freezing three days in a row? People wonder if the most epic skating tour will happen this year. It’s called the Elfstedentocht, a skating tour of eleven cities in the north of the country. Here is a link to a video about the atmosphere at that tour: youtu.be/QlEDQgPi1…

Last one was in 1997, but every year the fever hits 😃

I tell myself this on repeat: NaNoWriMo is about sitting down and doing the sprints.

Research into something you really don’t need to keep writing is procrastination. Figuring out what app to use? Procrastination.

Just sit down and write the darn book. 📝

Christmas cup!

I have reached the point in writing my novel where I can’t help but smile every time I write. The writing is flowing, ideas keep coming and my characters fit (and banter) so well.

(And what a great prompt for microblogvember in the middle of NaNoWriMo)

I will never tire of seeing people here and on Mastodon sigh with relief on how calming it is to be away from the birdsite.

I experienced it myself too, I had completely underestimated how being on Twitter stressed me out.

I’ve always thought the phrase “a barrel of laughs” to be quite confusing, especially because it’s often used derogatory.

Also, how much is a barrel? Are there gradations of barrels?

File this under: I need to write but I’d rather have fun with words.

My favourite tv franchise is Star Trek, I like almost every iteration but my favourite remains Deep Space Nine, especially the last five seasons.

I was so happy when Lower Decks went to DS9. It felt like coming home 😃

My husband just shared this with me when he noticed I was very usefully procrastinating on writing my novel 😂 Your Brain When You Have A Deadline

When I was a teen, I used to live near an aluminium processing plant. It had a high chimney but it still stank up to high heaven when you came close to the factory.

So every time I read or hear the word, I scrunch my face.

The cold won’t leave me alone
It batters at my skin and brings
Goosebumps to the surface
I bury my nose in the blankets
My hands shiver but they are
Willing to suffer for poetry

I love those British detective shows. I always watch the first ten minutes and then figure out who’s done it.

I’m not often good at guessing who’s under suspicion but I love to keep trying anyway

I really miss going to a museum and seeing my favourite art on display. It’s been a while due to the virus and a foot injury beforehand.

I want to buy a card that allows for free admittance and a train discount card in spring, and then just travel the country to see beauty.

I’m certain that I’ve missed a prompt for microblogvember and I wonder if I should write about that word anyway?

I’m gaining a lot of insight in what I need to eat to feel better.
Finding out which foods are beneficial, for instance, is truly valuable.
Funny thing is that ever since I made some changes in what I eat, my skin is starting to look healthier, too.

(Forgot to post this for day…7?)

The day is
An echo
Of hours spent
Finding life in
The cracks between hours
All that remains
Is my pillow and
The softness of sleep
Closing in on
This poem

I’ve exempted myself from writing something for todays microblogvember prompt. 😉